Academician of NAMS of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology, doctor of medical sciences, professor, deserved inventor of Ukraine.

Born in 1947. In Izmail, Odessa region, in 1971. Graduated from Odessa Medical Institute. E. Pirogov (now the Odessa National Medical University)

After graduating from the Institute he held positions: assistant professor, assistant professor, professor since 1986, head of the department of obstetrics and gynecology. He defended his thesis: candidate’s degree in 1976, doctor’s degree in 1982

Since 1994 By this time – rector of Odessa National Medical University.

In 1997 Elected correspondent member in 2000 – academician, in 2002 – a member of the Presidium, since 2011 By 2015 – Vice-President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

Academic work of V.M. Zaporozhana covers a wide range of issues, are distinguished by the originality of the tasks set and aimed at solving topical issues of modern medicine.

Academician V.M. Zaporozhans made a significant contribution to the development of many problems of genetics, immunology, oncology. In 2001 For the cycle of works “New approaches and technologies in diagnostics and treatment of oncological diseases” he was awarded a prize to them. RE. Kavetsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

VM Zaporozhan created one of the first genetic laboratories in the country and research institute of molecular genetic and cellular medicine. Introducing new genetic technologies into clinical practice, V.M. Zaporozhan develops methods for the cultivation of autologous stem cells and protocols for their clinical application. Many years of scientific experience allowed him to develop a new scientific direction – genetic medicine, which greatly expanded the possibility of scientific research and development of innovative molecular genetic methods of diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases, as well as their integration in all areas of medicine.

Pioneer developments V.М. Zaporozhana in the field of organo-preserving technologies and their introduction into medical practice are basic and priority. He was the first in the country to develop and implement clinical treatment technology using endoscopic, cryosurgical and laser methods.

In 1978 VM Zaporozhan headed the first center for the treatment of antitumor tumors in gynecology in Ukraine in 1989. Founded the first centers of family health and endoscopic laser surgery in the country.

He is the founder and president of the Ukrainian Association of Endoscopic Minimally Invasive and Laser Surgery, Vice-President of the World Association of Endoscopic Doctors.

Academic VM led philosophical comprehension of the results of multifaceted scientific and practical activity. Zaporozhana concludes that bioethical regulation is necessary in the conditions when the biosphere passes into the noosphere. Comprehensive ethical control of intellectual activity of man on the molecular, cellular, organ, organism and social levels was the subject of a new, initiated science – neo-ethics.

He owns more than 720 scientific works, including 50 monographs, 35 textbooks and manuals, 100 patents and copyright certificates. VM Zaporozhan is the editor-in-chief of four scientific journals: “Odessa Medical Journal”, “Integrative Anthropology. International Medical and Philosophical Journal “,” Achievements in Biology and Medicine “,” Clinical Anesthesiology and Intensive Care “is the main editor of the international journal” China Journal of Modern Medicine “and a member of the editorial board of the journal Cancer Cell International

VM Zaporozhan heads the Interagency Coordinating Council on fundamental and applied problems of medical genetics at the Medical Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health, is the head of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of Health, member of the Ukrainian Association of Cell Biology, International Association of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, the European Association of artificial organs, a member of the European Council Gynecologists-oncologists, the American Association of gynecologists-laparoscopists, the European Parliament on bioethics.

Academician V.M. Zaporozhian is the founder and leader of a well-known scientific school in Ukraine and abroad. Under his guidance, 33 doctoral and 74 candidate’s theses are protected.

VM Zaporozhan elected a member of 19 foreign universities, academies, associations, has numerous international awards, including: Presidential Medal of the University. George Washington (1998. USA), Great Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal (1999. Poland), Medal “Vernadsky Star” (2000. Russia) Plaque «Socrat award» (2006. UK) and others.

Academician V.M. Zaporozhan is more than 22 years old headed by the Odessa National Medical University, is one of the initiators and organizers of health care reform and training of doctors. Managed university he became a leading higher medical schools of Ukraine where tested new technologies of educational, scientific and medical affairs, which is one of the first in the country became a member of International and European Associations of Universities.

Established over 22 years of material and technical base and infrastructure of the University allows training professionals to global standards, promote research, improve the health system in the region.

This is facilitated created on the initiative of the rector for the first time in Ukraine 5 own university clinics, Science Park, 27 regional diagnostic and treatment centers, the Innovation Center of practical training medical, electronic library, whose task is not only to train highly qualified specialists, but also in providing high-tech medical care Population of the Southern region of Ukraine, development and introduction of modern medical technologies.

The optimization of this work is largely supported by the close links of the university with the leading scientific and medical centers of Ukraine and foreign countries, with which 46 agreements on cooperation have been concluded in recent years.

Due to his authority, Academician VM Zaporozhana, university scientists have the opportunity to participate in modern programs and projects with Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, Germany, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, etc., which enables to improve and use new educational and medical technologies in educational and medical processes, receive Grants, direct deliveries of high-tech medical equipment, annual training of scientists and lecturers in the best scientific centers of the world. Acquaintance with students on the achievement of world medical science is supported by the cycle of lectures conducted by world-renowned scientists – Honorary Doctors of the University.

Odessa Medical University was the first in Ukraine to prepare specialists for foreign countries in English, which contributed not only to the creation of a stable financial, economic and economic situation of the University, the receipt of income for the sustainable functioning of educational, scientific and production units of the training, but also to increase the credibility of the country in the world. Today, students from 62 foreign countries are studying at the university.

The rector pays personal attention to the publication of educational literature for students. The publishing and publishing company created by him for 19 years of existence has issued more than 500 thousand copies of textbooks and textbooks in Ukrainian and English, which students study at all medical establishments of the country.

For special merits in the development of medical science and education V. Zaporozhan awarded the government awards of Ukraine. He is a full-time master of the Order “For Merits” of three degrees (1997, 2000, 2006), was awarded the Honorary Diplomas of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2007), Honorary Citizen of Odessa.