The history of the formation of pharmaceutical education in Odessa began in 1903, when the pharmaceutical department was established at the medical faculty of the Novorossiysk Imperial University. Subsequently, a pharmacy chemist’s department was opened on the basis of the Higher Women’s Courses, and in 1921 Odessa Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute was established, which, after joining the Kiev Pharmaceutical Institute, was reorganized into the Odessa State Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1959, a decision was made to transfer it to the city of Zaporizhzhya, where Zaporizhzhya State Medical University was subsequently founded on its base.

Since then, higher pharmaceutical education in the south of Ukraine has not existed for almost 50 years until the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of August 28, 2001, No. 342, restored the pharmaceutical faculty at the Odessa State Medical University, which has 4 profile departments, which in 2010 received the status of a national one.

The Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Odessa National Medical University is a powerful educational and research center in the south of Ukraine. There are more than 1000 Ukrainian and foreign students of the day and part-time students studying at the faculty, who obtain an educational qualification level of a masters and specialist and receive pharmacist qualifications. The pharmaceutical faculty consists of five departments: the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy, the Department of Pharmacognosy and Technology of Medicines, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the Department of General Pharmacy and the Department of Foreign Languages. The departments of the pharmaceutical faculty are located in a separate educational building, equipped with modern equipment, which is necessary for conducting educational and scientific work.

Cooperation of the faculty with state, non-governmental and public pharmaceutical organizations is carried out in the interests of increasing the level of training of specialists and pedagogical skills of scientific and pedagogical staff. Particular attention is paid to cooperation with pharmacy establishments and pharmaceutical companies in Odessa, which are the bases of industrial practice for students of the pharmaceutical faculty. Students take industrial practice in the organization and economics of pharmacy, management and marketing in pharmacy, pharmaceutical analysis, clinical pharmacy and specialization.

Departments subordinate to the pharmaceutical faculty

  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (head of the department, doctor of chemistry, professor Helmboldt Volodymyr Olegovych).
  2. Organizations and economics of pharmacy (Head of the Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Unguryan Liana Mikhailovna)
  3. Pharmacognosy and technology of medicines (head of the department, doctor of medical sciences, professor Rozhkovsky Yaroslav Vladimirovich)
  4. General Pharmacy (head of the department, doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Levon Rubinovich Nikogosyan)
  5. Foreign Languages ​​(Head of the Department, Ph.D., Associate Professor Yeromkin Galina Gennadyivna).

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