Scopus ( is the world’s largest bibliometric and abstract database, which indexes more than 18,000 scientific and technical and medical journal titles of about 5000 leading scientific publishers.

Scopus maintains statistics of publications, calculation of authors’ quotations since 1960. This allows comparative analysis of the results of international publishing activity of universities and scientific organizations as a team of scientists. The Scopus system also allows you to determine the international indexes of authors’ quotes.

The number of publications does not always reflect the quality of the articles. One of the important criteria that allows you to evaluate and compare the level of scientific research in the near field of knowledge is Impact Factor (IF) magazine.

In order for your work to be indexed in Scopus, it must be published in one of the magazines included in these databases ( List of indexed magazines and Professional journals of Ukraine in the international Scopus database ). It is desirable that he had a high IF.

Scopus also allows you to determine the citation rate of an individual scientist (Hirsch index). If a scientist has published in Scopus, for example, 100 articles, each of which has only one link, then its Hirsch index (h-index) equals one. The same will be the h-index of the researcher who published one article, but it has 100 references.

The higher the h-index of the scientist, the greater recognition and authority he has in the scientific world. The Hirsch scholar’s index can not be smaller, it only grows over the years. Correct is the comparison of the h-index within a single branch of science.

Scopus provides information about higher education institutions regarding their h-index. On the basis of this numerological index, the rating of visevs, including Ukrainian ones, is compiled.

According to data published by the Vernadsky Library in December 2011, which included 100 Ukrainian universities, Odesa National Medical University ranked 32nd. In Scopus, 397 of them were cited. Hirsch University’s index is 9.

The highest h-index among Ukrainian universities is 51.

Our 17 universities in Ukraine ranked 6th in the Top 100.

Rating of higher educational institutions of Ukraine