Odessa National Medical University, in accordance with the decision of the State Duma Committee dated May 7, 2009 (Minutes No. 77), is accredited by the status of a higher education institution of IV level. The license of the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine certifies the right of ONMedU for the implementation of educational activities in areas (specialties).

Starting from September 1, 2016, the first year in ONMedU was started training of specialists of the second (master’s level of higher education in the field of knowledge 22 “Health”:

  • In specialty 222 “Medicine” qualification of educational “Master of Medicine”, professional qualification “Doctor” (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated June 30, 2016, No. 1397k “On Licensing Educational Activities” Annex 1.99 – licensed volume of 1500 people);
  • In specialty 221 “Dentistry” qualification of educational “Master of dentistry”, professional qualification of “Doctor-dentist” (Order of Ministry of Education and Science dated June 30, 2016, No. 1397k “On Licensing Educational Activities” Annex 1.99 – Licensed Volume 300);
  • In specialty 226 “Pharmacy” qualification of educational “Master of Pharmacy”, qualification of professional “Provizor” (order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated June 30, 2016, No. 1397k “On Licensing Educational Activities” Annex 1.99 – licensed volume of 250 people).

1101 Medicine
Specialist training

7.110101 Medical practice
Full-time education 6 years

7.110104 Pediatrics
Full-time education 6 years

7.110106 Dentistry
Full-time education 5 years

7.110105 Medical-preventive work
Full-time education 6 years6.110100 Nursing practice
Evening form of training for 3 years
Bachelor’s degree5.110109 Dental orthopedic Dentistry
course for 2 years

1102 Pharmacy

7.110201 Pharmacy
Full-time education 5 years Adult
education 5.5 years.

053 Psychology
Full-time, 4 years
Full-time, post-graduate, 1,5 year Full-
time, 2 years
Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree 4,5 years

After the 3rd year students receive the specialty «Medical business», «Pediatrics», «Medical-preventive affair» make licensed test exams «Step 1. General medical preparation» and after 2.5 years of training – «Step 1. Stomatology “, which includes test tasks in biology, normal anatomy, normal physiology, histology, biochemistry, pathology physiology, pathological anatomy, microbiology and pharmacology. Students who receive specialty pharmacists, after the 3rd year, pass the licensed test “Step 1. Pharmacy”, which includes inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physicoloid chemistry, biochemistry, botany, physiology, pathological physiology and microbiology.
After the 6th year for the medical faculties and after the 5th year for the pharmaceutical and dental faculties, students make a license test according to the “Step 2. General medical training” (therapeutic profile, surgical profile, pediatric profile, obstetric-gynecological profile and hygienic profile ), “Step 2. Pharmacy” (pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy, toxicological chemistry, pharmacology, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy technology of medicines, factory technology of medicines, organization of economics of pharmacy and management ent and marketing of Pharmacy) and “Step 2. Dentistry” (preventive dentistry, surgical dentistry, prosthetic dentistry, children’s dentistry).
Graduation examinations in all specialties in the fields of Medicine and Pharmacy are conducted in the form of complex professional-oriented state exams.
Students who receive the specialty «Medical Case», «Pediatrics», «Medical-Prophylactic Case», after the final examinations are qualified «doctor». Students who receive the specialty “Dentistry” after completing their final exams have the qualification “dentist”. Students receiving the Pharmacy specialty, after completing their final exams, qualify as a pharmacist. Students who receive a nursing degree have a Bachelor of Health Nurse qualification after graduation. Students receiving the degree “Orthopedic Dentistry” have, after graduating, the qualification “junior specialist – dental technician”.