ISBN 978-966-443-039-2



(In 2 volumes)

Godovan VV, ed. Kresyun V.Ya.

2011, 224stories, 276stories.

This guide, which consists of two volumes, addresses the issues of general and special pharmacology, summarizes the history of the development of medicines, presents modern classifications of pharmacological groups, generalized data on pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacotoxicodynamics of drugs used in modern medical practice. The material is covered in integration with other biomedical and clinical disciplines. Especially, the unique place in the publication is a schematic presentation of the mechanisms of action of medicines and their effects that develop as a result of this.

Price – 231.80 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-034-7



Aurnoutova L.V., Ulyantseva E.A.


2011, 333 p.

The manual contains lectures on histology, cytology and embryology in accordance with the program. The materials of the theoretical course on all topics of general and special histology and embryology are presented. The manual is intended for preparation of students for practical classes and licensed exam “Step-1”

Price – 160,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-022-4

Faculty surgery

Faculty Surgery

B.S. Zaporozhchenko, V.V.Mishchenko, A.L.Detchyar and others.

2011, 328 p.

The manual contains a course of lectures on faculty surgery, which corresponds to the curriculum for students of medical faculties of higher medical education institutions of 1V level of accreditation.

Price – 50,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-021-7



Jeromkin G.G. etc.


2009, 164 pages, A4 format

The textbook is intended for students of I-II courses of the pharmaceutical faculty of correspondence form of education. It covers an English language course of 274 hours. Text material is selected from original literature, textbooks on pharmacy, annotations to medical products.

The texts include a system of post-text and post-text exercises, control texts, which contributes to effective and meaningful mastery of material. The manual can be used for practical classes by students of pharmaceutical faculties of full-time education.

Price – 99.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-016-3

Occupational Diseases


O. M. Ignat’ev, N. A. Matsegora, T. O. Yermolenko and others.

Tutorial. Grif MOH, 2009, 250 p. (In English)

The textbook outlines the etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis of occupational diseases, classifications, new methods of research, clinical forms and manifestations, differential diagnosis, complications and treatment. The issues of prevention, modern treatment according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, examination of disability are considered.

The material presented corresponds to the curriculum for occupational diseases for students of medical institutions of IV level of accreditation and doctors of all specialties.

Price – 63,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-008-8

The Latin language and Bases of Medical Terminology

(Latin and the basics of medical terminology)

Practical course.

G. G. Eremenkina, T. F. Skuratova, N. S. Ivaschuk, Yu. O. Kravtsova

Tutorial. Grif MOH, 2009, 188 pages, (in English)

The manual is created in accordance with the program of the Latin language and the basics of medical terminology for medical universities. Focused on the study of the basics of terminology in general medical and clinical disciplines, it contains training exercises for work in the classroom, control questions and sample assignments for students’ independent work, as well as Latin-English and English-Latin dictionaries (over 2600 terms).

For English-speaking first-year students of higher medical education institutions of IV level of accreditation.

Price – 66,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-007-1


(General surgery)

V. Ya. Vansovich, N. D. Voloshenkova, D. M. Davydov and others. Per community Ed. V.V. Mishchenko

Selected lectures, 2009, 336 pages, (in English)

Published in previous years textbooks and guides on the course of general surgery, for the most part, lost their relevance to a particular problem. The organization of the educational process on the basis of the credit and modular system under the new educational program on general surgery requires the availability of new teaching aids.

This tutorial provides lecture courses in English based on the latest advances in surgery.

Price – 150,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-000-2

Obstetrics and Gynecology: A collection of test tasks for clinical drawings

V. Z. Zaporozhan, V. P. Mishchenko

Tutorial. Grif MOH

2008, 176 pages (in Ukrainian) – A4 format

This tutorial contains test questions for obstetrics and gynecology in Ukrainian and English. He is illustrated with clinical drawings, most of which are original. The book consists of four sections, which cover the main aspects of obstetrics and gynecology.

For students and doctors-interns of higher medical educational institutions of III-IV accreditation levels.

Price – 250,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-011-8

Infectious diseases in children

Infectious Diseases in children

Yu.P. Kharchenko, AM Mikhailova, S.O. Kramarev et al.

Tutorial. Grif MOH

2008, 264 pages, (in English)

The manual consists of five parts, which include infectious diseases of the respiratory tract, such as influenza and parainfluenza, measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria, pertussis, epidemic parotitis, meningococcal infection, etc. Also, all acute intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonella, cholera, escherichia, typhoid, poliomyelitis, viral hepatitis) and HIV / AIDS in children are also considered.

The book is well illustrated, it takes into account the world and Ukrainian experience in the study of infectious diseases.

For Interns and Students of Higher Medical Educational Institutions.

Price – 140,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-006-4



VM Zaporozhan, M.L.Aryayev

Textbook. Grif MOH

2008, 284 pages, (in English)

The textbook describes the subject, the theoretical foundations and stages of the development of bioethics as a discipline. The bioethical aspects of the relationship between the medical staff, the sick person and the members of his family, as well as the issues of dying and death, human reproduction, genetic control, medical research and the social ethics of medicine are considered.

For students, teachers, practitioners of different specialties.

Price – 60,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-7733-47-6 (series)

ISBN 978-966-7733-50-6 (original)

ISBN 978-966-443-003-3





2008, 296 p. (In english)

The textbook contains the materials of the lecture course, taking into account the latest achievements of urology. For the best assimilation of the material the lecture is supplemented with algorithms and drawings, the criteria for diagnosis and therapeutic tactics in the volume of the program on urology are given.

For students of higher medical schools.

PRICE – 150.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-7733-47-6 (series)

ISBN 978-966-7733-96-4 (printout 1, English)

ISBN 978-966-7733-97-1 (book 2, English)

ISBN 966-573-142-4 (printout 1, Ukr.)

ISBN 5-311-01198-X (Pr.2, U.S.)

Obstetrics and gynecology: in 2 books.

Book 1.Akuscherstvo. Book 2. GYNECOLOGY

VM Zaporozhan, VP Mishchenko

Textbook. Grif MOH

2007, 374 p., 240 p. A4 format (in English)

The textbook “Obstetrics and Gynecology” consists of two books: “Obstetrics” and “Gynecology”. The first book covers issues of modern physiological and pathological obstetrics and partly perinatology.

Much attention is paid to the actual problems of teratology, placental insufficiency, preterm pregnancy, gestosis, obstetric bleeding, psycho-diagnosis and treatment.

The second book describes modern methods of gynecological examination of patients. Specific inflammatory diseases and neoplasms of female genital organs, breast diseases are considered. The peculiarities of the development of the reproductive system and its disturbances, disorders of the menstrual function, virilic and neuroendocrine syndromes are presented. The method of basic gynecological operations is given. The terminology is based on new international anatomical, histological and embryological nomenclatures.

For students of higher medical education institutions of the IV level of accreditation, which master the discipline in English.

Price – 210,00 UAH.


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-89-0



Yu. I. Bazhora, N. M. Glamazdina, M. M. Chesnokova, V. V. Nikolaevsky


2006, 352 pp. (In English)

The manual covers the basic issues of general and medical biology. The laws of life, the doctrine of the cell with the basics of human cytogenetics, heredity and variability depending on human genetics, the laws of phylogenetic development of organisms, the basis of general parasitology, the biology of the most important human parasites, etc. are presented. The material is divided into topics according to the plan of occupations in medical biology.

For 1-year foreign-language students studying in English.

Price – 110,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-85-8



Ovcharenko O.P., Lazar A.P., Matyushko R.P.

Tutorial (English)

2006, 208 pp., Soft cover.

The tutorial provides a short essay on the history of radiation medicine and the contribution of Ukrainian scientists to its development, general information on radiation. The main forms of human contact with radiation sources, aspects of biological influence of ionizing radiation are considered.

For students, interns of medical universities.

Price – 67,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-86-6


NV Lazor, NV Romashchenko, G. G. Eremkina

Textbook (in two volumes)

2006, 180 p. And 380 s. (Russian-English)

The manual is intended for foreign students who are studying Russian language and primarily focused on the first course with English language instruction. Can be used at the preparatory faculties, as well as as a self-study. It consists of two volumes: the introductory phonetic course (the first 12 lessons) and the basic course (20 lessons). Each lesson contains grammar material, exercises, texts, dialogues and speech samples, tasks for independent work of students, tests and tasks for control.

Price – 116,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-79-3



MM Nadvorny, P. I. Nikov, Yu. M. Vorokhta, Yu. S. Rudenko

Tutorial (english)

2005, 242 pp., Soft cover, large format

The tutorial contains information about the history, goals and objectives of general hygiene. It presents modern concepts of disease prevention. Provided basic principles of preventive medicine, including environmental hygiene, water supply, nutrition, as well as hospital hygiene, hygiene of children and adolescents, etc.

For students of higher medical establishments.

Price – 160,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 9667733-80-7



V. Y. Kresyun, D. Yu. Andronov, K. F. Shemonayev and others.

Tutorial (English)

2005, 215 p., Soft cover, large format

The course of lectures for students of the 3rd year of the medical faculty consists of sections organized according to the pharmacological groups of medicines in accordance with their effects on specific organ systems. The material is presented in the sequence used in many international and Ukrainian pharmacology publications.

For students of higher medical establishments.

Price – 160,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-71-8



P. M. Chuev, A. S. Vladika

Tutorial (English)

2005, 100 pc., Soft cover.

The program of a medical university involves studying the urgent states that occur in the practice of any doctor. The manual provides information on the history of the formation and development of resuscitation and intensive care. The sections of the manual outline measures for the elimination of the consequences of disasters, terminal conditions, pain syndrome and surgical operations, describes the disturbances of homeostasis and their correction methods, addresses the issue of shock, multiple organ failure, exo- and endotoxicosis.

For English-speaking students studying at higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine.

Price – 60,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-70-X



V.S. Bitensky, T.M. Chernova, P.I. Goryachev and others.

Ed. V. S. Bitensky

Tutorial (English)

2005, 336 pp., Soft cover.

The course on psychiatry is written in accordance with the program of teaching psychiatry at a medical university. It consists of 12 lectures, which cover all sections of general psychopathology and the main groups of mental and behavioral disorders in accordance with the International Classification of Diseases of the 10th Revision.

For students of the medical faculty, intern doctors, family doctors and other specialists who use knowledge in psychiatry in their treatment and diagnostic work.

Price – 83,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-64-5



G. Yu. Wenger, A. M. Soldatova

Tutorial (English)

2005, 158 pp. Soft cover

The manual, in accordance with the curriculum for eye diseases, sets out the main current data on anatomy, physiology, methods of examination of the organ of vision, etiology, clinics and treatment of eye diseases. Each lecture is devoted to a separate section of ophthalmology. They discuss the most common forms of diseases of the appendages of the eye, orbit, cornea, lens, vascular membrane, retina, optic nerve. Individual lectures are devoted to damage to the eye, refraction and changes in the organ of vision in general diseases.

For students of higher educational institutions, interns.

Price – 51,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-67X



O. K. Asmolov, Yu. I. Bazhora, O. A. Baburina, I. M. Smolskaya

Tutorial (english)

2005.190 pp., Soft cover.

The textbook describes etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis of tuberculosis, modern methods of investigation of respiratory organs. The presented clinical forms of tuberculosis, their differential diagnosis and treatment. Considered the issues of the prevention of tuberculosis, modern treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The material presented corresponds to the phthysiology curriculum.

For students of medical universities of IV level of accreditation and doctors of all specialties.

Price – 63,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-47-5

ISBN 966-7733-51-3



N.G. Nikolayev

Tutorial (in English)

2004, 178 pp., Soft cover.

The textbook outlines the main sections of the course of pediatric surgery, describes the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostics and tactics of treatment of children with surgical, orthopedic, traumatological and oncological pathology.

For senior students of medical universities of III-IV levels of accreditation.

Price – 60,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-43-2



A. S. Son, O. V. Khrushch, T. V. Khomitskaya, L. E. Klaupik

Tutorial (English)

2003, 288 pp., Soft cover

The manual was created by a team of staff of the Odessa Medical University and is addressed to foreign students of senior courses, internists, neuropathologists, surgeons, and traumatologists. As well as students of postgraduate training and postgraduate education departments.

Price – 85,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-19-X



Ed. Yu. L. Kurako

Tutorial (in french)

2002, 244 pp., Full color illustrations, soft cover.

The textbook outlines lecture courses on nerve diseases that are in line with a program approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

It is designed for teachers and foreign students of higher medical schools.

Price – 45,00 UAH


ISBN 966-7733-28-9



N. A. Chernenko, G. G. Eremkin

Tutorial (in french)

2002, 144 pp., Soft obkl.

It is intended for students of the 3rd year of higher medical education institutions studying in French.

Price – 42,00 UAH


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