ISBN 978-966-443-078-1

Military Field Surgery

Edited by Ya.L. Zarutsky VM Tired of the author’s team.

2016, 415 p.

The textbook is intended for students, interns and doctors who studied at the universities of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

For a wide range of readers.

Price – 340,00 UAH.

ISBN 978-966-443-080-4

Anesthesiology, intensive care
and emergency care

Edited by AS Bishop’s author’s team.

2016, 265 p.

The manual includes, in addition to information on the formation and development of pain relief, intensive care and urgent care in Ukraine, documentary information on clinical methods of anesthesiology, emergency conditions and intensive care, their scientific validity, technique and pharmaceutical equipment.

For students and doctors studying at medical universities

Price – 140,00 UAH.

ISBN 978-966-443-074-3



Compilers: VN Zaporozhan, VJ Kreysun, G.I.Handrikova

2016, 320 p. + 16s Colored ink

The book, containing about 400 biographies of the professors of the Odessa National Medical University, tells about the main milestones of the historical path of one of the oldest universities in Ukraine for 115 years of its existence (1900-2015) and the personal contribution of each scientist who worked in it in different historical periods, in Domestic and world medical science.

For a wide range of readers.

Price – 249,00 UAH.

ISBN 978-966-443-072-9




2015, 328 p.

The dictionary contains widely used medical, pharmacological, pharmaceutical terminology, basic terms in several languages, namely Ukrainian, Russian, English, according to the cross-cutting program of training a specialist doctor at a medical university.

For teachers and students of senior courses of higher medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions, doctors – interns, clinical residents, family doctors, doctors of therapeutic specialties.


Price – 140,00 UAH.


2015, 160 p.

Author of the book VM Zaporozhan – Academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, professor, rector of Odessa National Medical University.

Reflections on the causes of the crisis of spirituality, about the living standards and human values, projections and prospects of life on Earth are the cornerstone of this book. The reason for its writing was the long-standing experience of the scientific work of the author, the search for a systematic approach to training and education of a new generation of doctors.

The book, designed for a wide range of readers, is an attempt by the author not so much to warn how to convince the reader of the need for joint action in the name of saving the life of mankind, the planet Earth.

Price – 120,00 UAH.

ISBN 978-966-443-049-1


O.A. Kashchenko, O.M. Pospelov, SL Lyashenko, G.O. Volokhov For Shandri


2013, 288 pages, format А4

The manual is created in accordance with the curriculum of teaching discipline “Physiology” in higher educational institutions of Ukraine and the credit-module system. Each module of the module corresponds to the section of the manual, and each content module is the chapter. The methods of practical works, questions, test and situational tasks of varying degrees of complexity, which are submitted to the final module control, are given.

For students, postgraduates and teachers of higher medical education institutions.

Price – 140.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-056-9


VM Zaporozhan, SP Field, ML Aryan


2013, 344st.

The textbook describes the development and formation of the reproductive system in girls of prepubertal and puberty age, describes the features of changes in physiological and sexual development, endocrine function and internal genitals. The violations of the reproductive system during puberty, abnormalities in the development of genital organs in girls, tumors and traumatic lesions of genitals are described in detail. The separate sections of the textbook are devoted to the problems of “acute abdomen” in pediatric gynecological practice and methods of contraception in gynecology of children and adolescence.

For students, interns, obstetrician-gynecologists, pediatric gynecologists, pediatricians and family physicians.

Price – 170,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-059-0


VN Zaporozhan, IL Baba SR Galich and others.

Practical Guide (Russian language)

2012, 320p., A4 format, color illustration

In this practical guide, based on the multidisciplinary approach to the study of the condition of the uterus and newborn child, modern knowledge about the problem of congenital malformations, features of their formation, prenatal, neonatal and postnatal diagnosis, clinical manifestations, methods of treatment and prevention are systematized.

For practical doctors, scientists, students and teachers.

Price – 300,00 UAH


ISBN 978-966-443-004-0


VN Zaporozhan, Yu.I. Bazhora AV Shevelenkova, NM Chesnokov

Textbook (english language)

2012, 278stories, A4 format

The textbook presents modern data on the organization of hereditary information in humans and mechanisms for its implementation, the etiology, pathogenesis and classification of hereditary diseases, the characteristics of their main groups, methods of medical genetics, in particular modern molecular genetic methods of research, and their practical application are considered. The principles of diagnostics, treatment, prenatal diagnostics and prevention of hereditary diseases are stated.

For students of medical universities and doctors of all specialties.

Price – 130,00 UAH


ISBN 978-966-443-048-4

“Resource-management of medicinal plants”

Ya.V. Rozhkovsky, T.I. Derevinskaya, IM Shevchenko, N.S. Fizor

Tutorial (english language)

2012, 108p.

The textbook covers the main concepts, definitions, methods and commonly used methods of classical resource science, which are used in the study of resources of wild growing medicinal plants. The structure and sequence of presentation of the material are consistent with the relevant sections of the pharmacognosy and the curriculum of the course “Resource sciences of medicinal plants”. For the first time, the characteristics of medicinal plants’ resources in the Odessa region are presented.

Price – 68.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-047-7


VI Vakulenko, Ye.D. Babov, MA Novikov, I.O.Mihailenko, O.B.Solomatin


2012, 160 p.

Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a textbook for students of higher medical educational institutions of the IV level of accreditation and interns from the specialty “General practice – family medicine” (MES dated 05 January 2011 ‡, 1 / II-49).

Recommended by the Central Methodological Cabinet on Higher Medical Education of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as a textbook for students of higher medical education institutions of IV level of accreditation and interns (protocol No. 4 dated 10/01/2010).

Price – 116,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-043-9


Ye.D. Babov, VO Obukhovsky, E.V.Goncharenko, S.A. Guliuk, VG Shuturminsky, AO Asmolov


2012, 144 p.

Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a training manual for internists in the specialty “Stomatology” of institutions (faculties) of postgraduate education (letter dated 23.12.2010 No. 1-11-11926).

Recommended by the Central methodical cabinet of higher medical education MOH Ukraine as a textbook for students of dental faculties of higher medical education, medical interns and medical students of schools (faculties) post-graduate education in the specialty “Surgical and Prosthetic Dentistry” (protocol number 4 from 10.10. 2010 meeting of the Commission on Medicine of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine)

Price – – 127,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-038-5


Ye.V. Nikitin, KL Servetsky, T.V. Chaban et al.


2012, 252 p.

The course of lectures on infectious diseases and parasitic invasions is compiled in accordance with the requirements of the credit-module system of organization of the educational process. The subjects of the main sections of infectious pathology are represented by observational, problem lectures. The course of lectures is prepared on the basis of modern data on microbiology, virology, clinical immunology, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

For higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine III IV accreditation levels.

Price – – 99.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-046-0


O. P. Ovcharenko, V. M. Sokolov, R. P. Matyushko

Tutorial (english language)

2012, 152 s .;

The manual includes a brief essay on the history of radionuclide diagnostics and the contribution of Ukrainian scientists to its development, the basic principles and methods of radionuclide research.

The most important aspects of radiation safety, as well as radionuclide diagnostics, are considered.

Price – 125,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-048-4


V. V. Trokhimchuk, A. I. Belyaev, O. I. Trokhimchuk and others.


2012 88 p. (Russian), A4 format

The workshop contains a list of the main issues of educational topics and a set of algorithms provided by the curriculum and a typical program of the MH of Ukraine on discipline “Organization and economics of pharmacy”.

For students of the pharmaceutical faculty.

Price – 54.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-055-2


V. O. Sitnikova, V. O. Ulyanov


2012; 88 s .; 156 il. A4 format

The atlas contains morphological characteristics of common pathological processes and diseases. Macroscopic organ changes and microscopic changes in cells and tissues are presented in color, and ultrastructural changes are in black and white patterns. The manual corresponds to the curriculum for students of medical, medical and preventive and dental departments of higher medical schools.

For students and teachers.

Price – 100,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-044-6


Zaporozhan VN, Grubnik VV, Grubnik Yu.V., Malinovsky AV

Practical guide

2011, 285 pages, format А4, (Russian).

The practical guide describes the technique of laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, gynecological and endoscopic surgery. Comfortable and relatively brief system of material presentation (indications, contraindications, preoperative examination, a set of tools, detailed operation techniques, complications and their treatment), as well as abundance of illustrations, allow us to use the manual in everyday practice.

For surgeons, gynecologists, endoscopists, oncologists, gastrointestinal surgeons.

Price – 266,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-042-2


Zaporozhan VN

2011, 168 pages (Russian)

The book presents the latest concept of the development of medical ethics – neo-ethics. In the context of the noosphere doctrine, the scientific foundations of integrative medicine are covered, the neo-ethical aspects of psychology, psychiatry and religious worldview are revealed, the significance of neo-ethics is shown as a strategy for the survival of humanity in modern conditions.

For the general public, philosophers, psychologists, specialists in the field of bioethics, doctors, internists, teachers and students of higher educational institutions of the IV level of accreditation.

Price – 60,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-024-8


Mardashko O., Mironovich L.M., Stepanov G.F.


2011, 236 p.

Textbook of biological and bioorganic chemistry contains summary of all sections of the course, answers to key control issues with a default program Health of Ukraine. It will help students I and II courses, studying bioorganic and biological chemistry, navigate the large amount of material contained in textbooks and manuals, if samopidhotovtsi the discipline and the students of III and IV courses in preparation for license examination “Step 1 ” For students in higher educational institutions of III – IV accreditation levels.

Price – 90,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-035-4


Losev OO, Melnichenko NG, Dilanyan IR, Samofalov DO .; For ed.Losseva O.O.


2011, 224 p.

The manual is compiled according to the curriculum on discipline “Children’s surgery”, corresponds to the requirements for writing teaching aids (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 588 dated June 27, 2008) and the credit-module organization of the educational process. The important questions of pediatric surgery are considered: urgent pediatric surgery, tissue neoplasms, developmental defects in children.

For students of V-VI courses of higher medical educational institutions of III-IV levels of accreditation, interns, doctors.

Price – 82,00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-036-1

History of Ukrainian Culture

O.Yu.Koltunov, O.U.Uvarova

2011, 316 p.

The textbook was prepared by the staff of the Department of Social Sciences of the Odessa National Medical University. The book comprehensively examines the development of culture in Ukraine from ancient times to the present. The features of psychology, language, religion, traditions, customs and rituals, economy of Ukrainians are highlighted, which clearly testify to their identity.
For students, graduate students, teachers of higher educational institutions.

Price – 76.00 UAH.


ISBN 978-966-443-029-3


Wenger G.Yu. etc.


2010, 180 p.

In the course of lectures, in accordance with the curriculum on ophthalmology, the main current data on anatomy, physiology, methods of examination of the organs of vision, etiology, clinics and treatment of eye diseases are presented. Each lecture is devoted to a separate section of ophthalmology. The most common forms of diseases of the appendages of the eye, orbit, cornea, lens, vascular membrane, retina, optic nerve are considered. Separate sections are devoted to damage to the eye, refraction and changes in the organ of vision in general diseases.

For students of higher educational institutions, interns.

Price – 88,00 UAH.