In March-April 2014-2015 academic year, the Department of General and Clinical Epidemiology and biosafety ONMedU with the support of HIV / AIDS in Ukraine GIZ held series of training sessions for graduate medical-prophylactic faculty conducted in an interactive form dedicated to tolerance to patients From risk groups. Such classes have been successfully conducted since 2014 and are based on best practices and European experience.

“These sessions were made possible primarily thanks to the professionalism and commitment of teachers ONMedU” – says Ms. Irina Nagornaya, Program Manager for HIV / AIDS in Ukraine GIZ. “We highly appreciate the contribution of Odessa specialists who have supported this idea from the very beginning. Our goal is to attract Ukrainian medical students to the techniques that have proven effective worldwide and have been adapted according to the Ukrainian realities. The future is for educated, responsible and erudite young generations, “notes Ms. Nagorna. The training program is multifaceted and includes various aspects: the specific use of PSAs and videos as tools to work with different groups, the issue of improving tolerance in hospitals for HIV-infected persons and risk groups.

Recently ONMedU experience in online education were presented at the VI International medical forum “Innovations in Medicine – Health of the Nation” held in Kiev. A separate report general and assistant professor of clinical epidemiology and biosafety, Ph.D. Elena Kozikhurt dealt with the development of a modern teaching module for teachers, which covers key elements of HIV prevention and the principles of working with vulnerable groups of patients. This latest training module will be taught within the framework of the Epidemiology course and will include interactive teaching methods for HIV infection, the use of which will enable students to develop pre and post test counseling and testing skills.