The University Library, which five or ten years ago served as a book store, became an information center that could provide the student with the necessary information in an accessible and convenient form.

Of course, new information technologies today will not surprise anyone. A computer, the Internet is in almost every home, like a TV, a refrigerator or a telephone. In this article we will discuss the availability of special educational information for students of our university, taking into account that the curriculum of each discipline forty percent of the academic time allocates the student for self-training.

The electronic library of our university has become one of the first in Ukraine for medical students.

A convenient, spacious reading room, computer room can accommodate 130 students at a time. Moreover, you can work not only on stationary computers, but also through the Wi-Fi zone, all 130 seats in the reading room are informatively active, where you can come with your laptop and rewrite any necessary information. It can also be obtained on any electronic media.

What information is it about? These are, above all, electronic textbooks. In the reading room there are more than 100 electronic textbooks, sponsored by leading scientists of our university. In addition, a database is created in the full-text format of those textbooks on fundamental disciplines, the number of which on a paper medium is limited in the library. Today, every student can get on his computer “Atlas of Human Anatomy” in 4 volumes Sinelnikova, “Human Anatomy” by MG Privis, “Pharmacology” by D. A. Kharkevich, “Histology” by Yu I. Afanasyev, “Pathological Anatomy “by A. I. Strukov and V. V. Serov and many other textbooks, only about 3.5 thousand names.

The created electronic catalog of educational literature with the help of the specialized automated system “Irbis” is connected with the general electronic catalog of the library, which allows the student, without leaving the premises of the educational library, to find and order any book that is in the general library fund.

This will help in the preparation of the abstract, as well as those students who study in scientific circles and in-depth study of a topic or discipline. This will also help the Internet, which works stably in the library.

The pride of the electronic library is a database of materials to assist students in self-study at university departments. We have 62 such databases. They are foreseen for all specialties and created in Ukrainian, Russian and English. These databases have lecture texts, methodological developments and recommendations for separate sections and subjects of educational disciplines, tests for modules, tests for preparation for the state testing “Krok-1” and “Krok-2” and other materials for the help to students. All these materials can be obtained remotely from your home computer if you receive a login / password on the library subscription.

Problem issues in the activity of the educational library are the issuance and delivery of textbooks. It takes a lot of time, both from students and from the staff of the library. The electronic library has solved this issue by creating personalized student subscriber cards and electronic reader tickets. This ticket can be obtained at the library subscription. The process of receiving and delivering books takes a few minutes.

Now electronic libraries also create a full-text database of rare editions that are stored in the library’s library. And we have a lot of them – 2,5 thousand names of unique books today do not see the reader. Among them, in the original D. Mendeleev, M. I. Pirogov, L. Pasteur, I. Sechenov, C. Darwin, S. Botkin and many others.

For obvious reasons, these books are not released to readers. The electronic library will have a database of these publications in full-text format by the end of the academic year, and they, we are sure, will find our reader.

Today, the electronic library can offer an electronic catalog of all articles of medical journals in Ukraine and Russia since 2000. In addition, articles published in all journals subscribing to the university since 2007 can be obtained in the electronic full-text format.

At the blog at the library, you can not only get acquainted with the students’ suggestions, but also express their comments and suggestions on how to improve the work of the library.

Thus, dear readers, users, students, teachers, researchers, postgraduates, undergraduates, electronic library are ready to offer you their help and the necessary information services for you.

Using an electronic library is easy. This requires basic computer skills.

For all other questions, you will receive comprehensive information from the staff of the library. Are waiting for you!

GI I. Khandrikova,
assistant to the rector
on scientific and informational