Odessa National Medical University provides public information, guided by the Law of Ukraine “On access to public information”

Public information is provided in response to a request for information.

According to the Law, public information is displayed and documented by any means and on any medium that was received or created in the course of the university’s performance of its duties.

An individual request for information is provided in an arbitrary form. It is necessary to specify:

  1. The name and surname of the requester, postal address or e-mail address, as well as the telephone number;
  2. The description of the information the applicant would like to receive (type, name, details or contents of the document for which the request was made);
  3. Signature and date.Mailing address of the university to submit an information request:
    Odessa, Valichovsky per., 2, 65082.
    Office of the University. On the envelope indicate “Public information” .